Services Offered

As a consulting practice, we provide neurological services at the request of health care providers.
We are conveniently located near Waterbury Hospital, in Waterbury, CT. We provide neurological care for children, adolescents and young adults.
What to expect at your first visit:
During a neurological consultation, our providers work to evaluate a diagnosis. This process includes taking a medical history, including: medication, surgeries, hospitalization, family history and allergic reactions. After taking the history and doing the appropriate examinations, our providers usually understand the problems and know which test to order. Comprehensive evaluation and testing often help them to confirm diagnosis and may lead to a specific treatment planning.
Prescription Medicine Refills:
Refills will only be taken during office hours and require minimum of 72 hours of notice.

Tests Offered

EEG and ADHD Testing:

  • EEGs are scheduled Monday to Friday in morning and afternoon slots. Testing is 1.5 hours.
  • ADHD testing is done with and without EEG testing Monday to Friday.
To prepare for a Routine EEG, please do the following:
  • Continue taking any medications prescribed by your doctor or other health care provider (We will ask you for a list of medications prior to your EEG)
  • Do not use any hair spray or styling gel/mousse prior to the test
  • Preferably shampoo your hair before the test
ADHD testing is a computerized continuous performance test and requires no preparation.